Wakonche, which has been in business for 10 years in Vietnam, will support you.

Wakonche, which has been in business for 10 years in Vietnam, will support you.

About us
Wacontre is a Japanese IT company founded in Vietnam, and its business is mainly offshore lab development, and is developing business in “Vietnam × IT” such as media development management, recruitment, and Vietnamese company establishment consulting.

About us

Among the many offshore development companies in Vietnam, we provide laboratory services specializing in small and medium-sized enterprises. Since we will disclose all costs (employee salary and insurance premiums) without initial costs, clear and cost-effective offshore development and operation is possible.
  • Easy Price System

    We will show all of cost to client. We will add our fee (300-500USD/person in adtion to original cost(salary+ social insurance)
  • Focus to your own business

    If you takes company in Vietnam, there is so many things to maintain company (Labor work, attendance management, tax report..). So we Wacontre can support all of back office work for client. You only can focus to your developemnt.
  • WFH plan

    Our lab service assumed to start working at office.But after covid-19 spread all over the world and strict lockdown was executed, we switched our mind, start to support team WFH. We will provide way to WHF efficiently using some tool, evaluation system.


Easy and easy-to-understand pricing structure
The initial cost is free. The equipment will be used by your company, but if you prepare it here, we will charge the actual cost. Staff salary + social insurance fee (about 20% of salary) and management fee are charged every month. management fees are as follows.

Management fee
500USD per person/month
Lab transfer fee
2 months’ salary
About the trial period
2-month trial period is allowed. Identify skills and personalities that cannot be understood only by interviews, and decide whether to hire this book. Social Security and paid leave (12 days a year) will occur after this employment.
About deposits
At the first request after this recruitment of lab personnel, we will pay two months’ basic salary of lab personnel as a deposit. The deposit will be returned at the end of the contract period, but will be used as a guarantee to lab personnel if the contract ends before the expiration of the contract period.
Other expenses incurred due to laboratory operation
・ Health check fee: Once a year, 1 million VND (about 50 USD) / year (for employees who have passed more than one year) ・ Company trip: Once a year, 4 million (about 200USD) – 6 million (about 300USD) VND / person ・ Tet (Chinese New Year) bonus: Salary for employees who have worked for more than one year for one month
Price simulation

Job monthly salary Remarks
Senior PHP Engineer 1,200USD 5 years of work experience, leader
Regular PHP Engineer 800USD 3 years of work experience, working for a Japanese company
Regular Android Engineer 700USD 2 years of work experience
IT Communicator 800USD Interpretor and translate document
Designer HTML coder 500 USD 3 years of work experience
Total salary 4,000USD
Social Security (for company) 860USD 21.5% of salary
Management fee 2,500USD 500USD / × 5 people
Subtotal 7,360USD
Consumption tax 0% VAT exemption for software development
Total 7360USD Unit price per person:  1472USD

Item (initial cost) Price Remarks
Establish company Fee 7,000USD If you ask an agency
Office deposit 4,000USD 2 months rent
Office Interior 10,000USD
Buy Office Furniture 3,000USD Desks, chairs, shelves, refrigerators, etc.
Network construction 500USD Internet, telephone, etc.
Recruitment 10,400USD Recruiting fee: 2.6 months’ salary
Total initial cost 34,900USD

WHF Plan

Management fee
500USD per person/month

If your team no need to work at office, we can provide cheaper management fee.

We will focus to manage your team’s labor work (attendance check, calculate salary, pay tax, social insurance…) and support to check working well (progress check or evaluation support).
We will also provide meeting room in case your team need to come to office to hold offline meeting.

Management company introduction
Wacontre Co., Ltd. Cong Ty TNHH MTV Wacontre Established: 2010 (Japan) / 2012 (Vietnam) Representative: Kohei Nohara
In Vietnam, we are developing offshore lab development business, media operation business, human resources service business, marketing support business, etc. from various angles. While many Japanese IT companies are developing for Japan, they are also familiar with IT services in Vietnam through services for the Vietnamese market. Since we are also developing a human resources business, we have established a system that can provide full support in terms of supply and management development of laboratory personnel.
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Available skills

Lab services can handle any skill in the field that you can manage. Development languages such as PHP, Java, Ruby, paython, frameworks such as Codeigniter, cocos2dx, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, blockchain, Unity3d, 3D design (3DMAX/3D maya) are also available. In addition to system development and design, we have a track record in design work using design software such as CAD and Levid structure, seismic diagnosis, tracing, and drawing creation.

flow to service start

Contract from inquiry, start of lab operation from recruitment, We explain the flow to support the operation system.


Vietnam Office

155A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Dist.3, HCMC, Vietnam

Tokyo Office

5-8-17 Tanihara, Nerima-ku, Tokyo



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