Wakonche, which has been in business for 10 years in Vietnam, will support you.

Wakonche, which has been in business for 10 years in Vietnam, will support you.

About us
Wacontre is a Japanese IT company founded in Vietnam, and its business is mainly offshore lab development, and is developing business in “Vietnam × IT” such as media development management, recruitment, and Vietnamese company establishment consulting.

About us

Among the many offshore development companies in Vietnam, we provide laboratory services specializing in small and medium-sized enterprises. Since we will disclose all costs (employee salary and insurance premiums) without initial costs, clear and cost-effective offshore development and operation is possible.
  • わかりやすい料金体系

    今までのわかりずらかったレベル別の価格を明確化! 実費+管理費(5万円)を頂く仕組みなので、社員の給与も社会保険も全て開示致します。
  • ラボ独立も徹底サポート

    会社設立の準備段階としてのご利用頂くお客様に対しては、会社の設立から人材の紹介、会計のご相談までご相談に乗らせて頂きます。 全ての社員を連れて独立していただくため、独立時の移籍金は他社より低く設定させて頂いております。
  • 遠隔管理でも安心

    社内カメラがあるので、オフィスの様子は確認することができます。 タスク管理ツール、スカイプなどのコミュニケーションツールを使えば遠隔でも業務にも支障がありません。何か問題が発生した際は日本人のスタッフがサポートいたします。


Easy and easy-to-understand pricing structure
The initial cost is free. The equipment will be used by your company, but if you prepare it here, we will charge the actual cost. Staff salary + social insurance fee (about 20% of salary) and administrative fee are charged every month. Administrative fees are as follows.

Administrative expenses
50,000 yen per person/month
Lab transfer fee
2 months’ salary
About the trial period
A 2-month trial period is allowed. Identify skills and personalities that cannot be understood only by interviews, and decide whether to hire this book. Social Security and paid leave (12 days a year) will occur after this employment.
About deposits
At the first request after this recruitment of lab personnel, we will pay two months’ basic salary of lab personnel as a deposit. The deposit will be returned at the end of the contract period, but will be used as a guarantee to lab personnel if the contract ends before the expiration of the contract period.
Other expenses incurred due to laboratory operation
・ Health checkup fee: Once a year, 1 million VND (about 5,000 yen) / year (for employees who have passed more than one year) ・ Company trip: Once a year, 2 million (about 10,000 yen) – 3 million (about 15,000 yen) VND / time ・ Tet (Chinese New Year) bonus: Salary for employees who have worked for more than one year for one month
Price simulation

Job monthly salary Remarks
Senior PHP Engineer 100,000 yen 5 years of work experience, leader
Regular PHP Engineer 60,000 yen 3 years of work experience, working for a Japanese company
Regular Android Engineer 50,000 yen 2 years of work experience
Japanese Communicator 60,000 yen Japanese Proficiency Test N2 Level
Designer Webcoder 50,000 yen 3 years of work experience
Total salary 320,000 yen
Social Security (for company) 70,000 yen 22% of salary
Administrative expenses 250,000 yen 50,000 yen / × 5 people
Subtotal 640,000 yen
Consumption tax 50,000 yen It will be charged from a Japanese corporation.
Total 690,000 yen Unit price per person: 140,000 yen

Item (initial cost) Price Remarks
Vietnam Incorporation Fee One million yen. If you ask an agency
Office deposit 300,000 yen 2 months rent
Office Interior 500,000 yen
Buy Office Furniture 250,000 yen Desks, chairs, shelves, refrigerators, etc.
Network construction 50,000 yen Internet, telephone, etc.
Recruitment 830,000 yen Referral fee: 2.6 months’ salary
Total initial cost 2.93 million yen

About expatriates

If you are an expatriate, we will prepare a permanent seat for one person. We will also support expatriates in their daily lives, such as finding housing.

We will provide an MTG room when you can come with more than one person on a business trip.

Since you can check the state of the office with an in-house camera, some customers do not leave expatriates and are remotely managed using communication tools such as task management tools and Skype on a business trip basis. If something goes wrong, our Japanese staff will assist you.
Management company introduction
Wacontre Co., Ltd. Cong Ty TNHH MTV Wacontre Established: 2010 (Japan) / 2012 (Vietnam) Representative: Kohei Nohara
In Vietnam, we are developing offshore lab development business, media operation business, human resources service business, marketing support business, etc. from various angles. While many Japanese IT companies are developing for Japan, they are also familiar with IT services in Vietnam through services for the Vietnamese market. Since we are also developing a human resources business, we have established a system that can provide full support in terms of supply and management development of laboratory personnel.
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Available skills

Lab services can handle any skill in the field that you can manage. Development languages such as PHP, Java, Ruby, paython, frameworks such as Codeigniter, cocos2dx, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, blockchain, Unity3d, 3D design (3DMAX/3D maya) are also available. In addition to system development and design, we have a track record in design work using design software such as CAD and Levid structure, seismic diagnosis, tracing, and drawing creation.

flow to service start

Contract from inquiry, start of lab operation from recruitment, We explain the flow to support the operation system.

Tokyo Head Office

Ho Chi Minh Office

10D Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dist1, HCMC, Vietnam

New York

5-8-17 Tanihara, Nerima-ku, Tokyo



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