Wacontre, which has been in business for 10 years in Vietnam, will support you!!

Wacontre, which has been in business for 10 years in Vietnam, will support you!!


What is lab (EOR/GEO) service?

Lab development services are a form of offshore development.

EOR (Employer Of Record)is directly translated as employer of record, but refers to employment agency services.PEO (Professional Employment Organization) is a professional organization that provides HR services such as employment agency and labor management.
GEO (Global Employment Organization (Outsourcing)is an international employment organization (outsourcing).
As GEO refers to an organization that provides EOR and PEO services internationally, our lab development service is also an employment agency and recruitment HR management service in Vietnam synonymous with GEO (EOR+PEO). Our clients can hire Vietnamese engineers, interpreters, and other permanent employees without establishing a local subsidiary in Vietnam. We handle all back-office operations such as recruitment, hiring, employment contract, attendance, payroll, taxation, and labor management after the start of work. When your team grows, you can set up your own company with your own staff.

Why Choose Our Lab Development/Hiring Agent (EOR/GEO) Services?

1. Disclose all costs

  • We disclose to our clients all salaries, social security, and income taxes for our engineers and staff, and they are responsible for the actual costs.

2. Pricing

  • We do not charge any extra fees because our fee structure is based on the actual costs disclosed plus an administrative fee.

3. Support for back office operations

  • We take care of all the work for you, including office (remote) environment, attendance, employment contracts, payroll and other labor issues, and tax issues such as income tax returns, so you can focus solely on your core business.


Simple and easy-to-understand pricing

Monthly actual costs (staff salary + social insurance (21.5% of salary)) and Administrative fee.
The administrative fee varies depending on the package.

Package Plan

Service Content Minimum Standard Premium
Administrative Fee(1Staff/Month) 200USD 350USD 500USD
Place of Employment WFH WFH Office
Attendance management
Payroll calculation
Meeting support ✅ 4h/Month
Discount on recruitment expense ✅ 500USD
Recruiting expenses
Salary under 500 USD Free
Salary 500 – 1000 USD 1 month Salary(Gross)
Salary 1000-2000USD Salaryu (Gross)1.5ヶ months
Salary more than 2000USD Salary (Gross)2 months
Other expense
Company trip 250-400 USD/staff/year
Medical checkups (legally mandated) 50-100 USD/staff/year
Tet Bonus(Lunar New Year Bonus) 1month salary/staff
Drinking party 30 USD/event
Initial cost
Deposit ※1 2 months salary(Gross)/staff
Equipment (PC, software…) Actual cost (purchase on behalf of the customer is available)
Transfer company fee
(in case to establish compamy)
2 months salary (Gross)/staff
→filling deposit as transfer company fee
Option fees
MTG support (4h/month) 200 USD
IT Communicator (40h/month) 500 USD
Probation period

Two-month probationary period is allowed. We will assess skills and personality of each staff, which cannot be determined from an interview, and decide whether to hire you for this position.
After the hire, social security and paid vacation (12 days/year) will be provided.

※1 Deposit and transfer fee

A deposit equal to two months of the employee’s base salary (Gross) is paid at the time of the employee’s first billing after being hired.
The deposit is returned at the end of the contract period, but if the contract is terminated before the end of the contract period, the deposit is used as a security for the employee.
The deposit can be used to cover the cost of transferring personnel to a new company when the company is incorporated and the personnel are transferred to a new company (lab independence).

Recruitment fee(gross and net salaries)

Gross salary = Net Income + deductions (Social insurance costs (10.5% employee contribution) and personal income tax (progressive taxation))
We use Gross Salary as the basis for calculating our recruiting fee.
Some candidates may offer a net salary during interviews and salary negotiations, in which case we calculate the net salary accordingly.

Comparison  Simulation

Lead time (company establishment: from 6 months / EOR: from 1 month) can be reduced.
No need to pay for expansion expense into Vietnam.
No need to pay for travel and stationing of expatriates and managers (50k-100k USD/year).
Possible to secure a core team before establishing a company and developing business on a large scale.
Able to adapt to the differences in management and customs of Vietnamese human resources.
No need to burden yourself with any other tasks (general affairs, taxation, labor) outside of your core business.

Item (initial cost) Price Note
Establishment Cost in Vietnam 15,000USD Company Establishment Agency
Travel expenses, etc.
Office cost
6,000USD 2 months rent prepaid
2 months deposit
Office Interiors 10,000USD
Office Furniture 5,000USD Desk, chair, shelf, refrigerator, etc.
Network Environment 1000USD Internet, telephone, etc.
Total initial cost 37,000USD
Total initial cost 4.81M JPY 1USD=130JPY

Item (initial cost) Price Note
Establishment Cost
in Vietnam
Office Cost
Office Interiors Unnecessary
Office Furniture Unnecessary
Network Environment Unnecessary
Total initial cost 0USD
Total initial cost 0JPY

We can secure human resources for a long period of time, allowing us to accumulate know-how.
We can assign 100% of our own staff to the project.
Since this is a long-term project, the unit cost can be reduced compared to outsourcing.
Accumulation of know-how is possible because human resources can be secured for a long period of time.

Offshore Development Outsourcing Unite price
3 junior engineers 9,000USD
1 senior engineer 5000USD
1 project manager 6,000USD
Unite price/Month 20000USD
Unite price/person: 6000USD
EOR (employment agency) services Price
3 junior engineers
1 senior engineer
1 project manager
Total salary
Social security cost 1600USD**
Administrative fee 2500USD
Total 12100USD
Unite price/staff: 2200USD
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Available skill

Our POR service is available for any skill set in any field that clients can manage.
We are looking for engineers with skills in all major development languages such as PHP, Java, Ruby, paython, as well as frameworks such as Codeigniter, cocos2dx, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and others.
We can also recruit engineers for the latest trends such as blockchain, Unity3d, 3D design (3DMAX/3D maya).
In addition to system development and design, we also have experience in design work using CAD, Levid structure and other design software, seismic diagnosis, tracing, and drawing creation.

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Explains the process from inquiry to contract, recruitment, start of lab operations, and support for operational systems.


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Please feel free to contact us via video call from the site to discuss the current situation in Vietnam, employment of Vietnamese people, and the salary rates for Vietnamese engineers and permanent employees.


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