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What is lab (EOR/GEO) service?

Lab development services are a form of offshore development.

EOR (Employer Of Record)is directly translated as employer of record, but refers to employment agency services.PEO (Professional Employment Organization) is a professional organization that provides HR services such as employment agency and labor management.
GEO (Global Employment Organization (Outsourcing)is an international employment organization (outsourcing).
As GEO refers to an organization that provides EOR and PEO services internationally, our lab development service is also an employment agency and recruitment HR management service in Vietnam synonymous with GEO (EOR+PEO). Our clients can hire Vietnamese engineers, interpreters, and other permanent employees without establishing a local subsidiary in Vietnam. We handle all back-office operations such as recruitment, hiring, employment contract, attendance, payroll, taxation, and labor management after the start of work. When your team grows, you can set up your own company with your own staff.
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